Tours and Boat Tours in Rotterdam

Experiencing Rotterdam from the water is one of the best ways to get to know the city – or to see it in a new light! A large selection of canal cruises offering tours of Rotterdam’s famous waterways is available for you to choose from, with various tours tailored to every need. Some companies even offer special dining or cocktail options abroad, depending on the time during the day.

Better By Bike

Better By Bike in Rotterdam

Are you looking for one of the best ways to experience the city of Rotterdam? Book a Better By Bike Tour! It is a fun and easy way to discover the city and its hidden gems!
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City Cruise De Tenders

City Cruise De Tenders in Rotterdam

Hop aboard De Tenders at Leuvehaven. In an hour and a half, they will take you past the city’s most interesting attractions. An enthusiastic guide from Urban Guides will explain the architecture and the latest developments in Rotterdam.
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Splashtours in Rotterdam

Splashtours offers guided tours of Rotterdam in a bright yellow amphibian bus. The 60-minute city tour goes past various Rotterdam sights and includes a commentary guide in Dutch and English.
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