Eat and Drink in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam should definitely be on your radar as a hot food destination. The port city is large on territory and has many great food options to choose from. Whether you would like to try traditional Dutch dishes, Italian food, Thai cuisine, Japanese food, Chinese food and others, Rotterdam has it all! You can also choose from a selection of fine dine restaurants, affordable choices and cheap eats.

A La Plancha

A La Plancha in Rotterdam

Pop-Up Fish Restaurant A La Plancha is inspired by the Spanish, Moroccan and South American open- air restaurants where fresh fish is fried on the plancha. The fish is served with a glass of wine and tasty side dishes.
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Amarone in Rotterdam

The liveliness of the Rotterdam shopping street Meent is reflected in the Amarone restaurant. With the open kitchen, luxurious armchairs and fireplace, Amarone feels warm and cozy.
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Fitzgerald Restaurant

Fitzgerald Restaurant in Rotterdam

Fitzgerald is a contemporary culinary and wine destination where Rotterdammers and international guests meet. A restaurant, with a beautiful private dining, a spacious bar and private garden is the perfect spot for a great culinary experience.
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Japanese Cuisine Yama

Japanese Cuisine Yama in Rotterdam

Staff at Japanese Cuisine Yama are passionate about creating cuisine and enjoys thinking of how to transform the unique locally-sourced ingredients. The Japanese cuisine of Yama, based on the quality and technique of the fully-fledged traditional Japanese cuisine, has been endorsed by many delighted customers since opening in 2014.
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Restaurant Amigo

Restaurant Amigo in Rotterdam

Restaurant Amigo is a Mexican restaurant in Rotterdam with a cozy and intimate atmosphere that welcomes everyone. Big, small, young and old. Once you enter the Mexican Restaurant Amigo, you will be in a cozy Mexican village.
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